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The 21st century children are native users of smartphones and all types of touch screens. We unanimously agree that the current generation of children we are dealing with has great access to rich media, social networking websites and much more. It is the need of the hour that we equip them with devices to be future ready for the career paths they choose.

Most schools have transitioned into digital schools to keep up with the changing learner. Smart Class is a common-place-concept which transforms traditional class into a state-of-art learning centre, using rich media teaching aids and making knowledge assimilation easy and engaging.

tuition4schools.com has taught the lessons in small groups and on an individual level. This method, more and more popular every day, allows the teacher to get to know the virtues and faults of their students and make the most out of the classes. This is a way for the students to set their learning pace and find a space to interact openly and freely with the tutor.








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